Wildlife watching in Belizean tropical forest

Wildlife photography from a protected nature reserve nestled deep in the sub-tropical forests of northern Belize, Central America

This pristine rainforest in protected thanks to local conservationists, Programme for Belize, and is a hotspot for birders; the reserve is a haven for 390 species and welcomes 25 migrants, with knowledgeable guides on hand to help you tick-off your Life List.

Owl mothLisa the crocodileLisa the crocodileLisa the crocodileRoadside HawkLisa the crocodile
Spider monkeysBasket tie-tie: Desmoncus martiusHooded OrioleFrog lifeRufous-tailed hummingbirdRufous-tailed hummingbird
Flora in La Milpa eco-tourism siteFlora in La Milpa eco-tourism siteFlora in La Milpa eco-tourism siteLa Milpa ecotourism siteEco-lodgeGrey fox
Beautiful flowers in reserveRainforest of Rio BravoPaca (Royal Rat)Sugar caneStrangler figOcellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata)

An environmental journalist and communications trainer, Bethan specialises in nature conservation and social justice

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