Frankie Armstrong teaches the world to sing

Internationally renowned folk-singer Frankie Armstrong can teach you to warble with the best of them

Frankie Armstrong is renowned for her powerful soprano vocals

Frankie Armstrong has been a key player in the folk-music scene since 1963 and is renowned for her powerful soprano vocals. Not content with just sharing the beauty of her own voice, she’s also committed to teaching others. Frankie holds regular voice workshops in her hometown of Cardiff and throughout the UK; her message is that if you can talk you can sing.

She began teaching people to sing while on a tour of the United States in the early 1970s: “From the moment I set-up the workshops I loved the effect created by communal singing”, said Frankie. “Groups of people, some who think they can sing and others who are adamant they can’t, come together and create an atmosphere of energy and support with such ease and delight.”

This is without doubt the perfect Christmas present for anyone who’s dreamt of being able to sing, and with workshops being held throughout the UK there’s bound to be one near you.

For more information about other voice coaching practitioners or community choirs, click here.


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